• Mattress NASA Deluxe Clinic
    Mattress NASA Deluxe Clinic Mattress NASA Deluxe Clinic Mattress NASA Deluxe Clinic
Mattress NASA Deluxe

Memory foam, also called Nasa foam, forms completely to your body and is therefore extremely suitable for people with certain health problems. It is a medical mattress and ensures that you do not suffer from muscles or joints. It supports your back, which reduces your symptoms. NASA mattresses are advised by physiotherapists and doctors. In addition, the mattress has a pressure-reducing comfort, medical, floating feeling and reduces the pain in your joints and back. The temperature-sensitive material was originally developed for space travel and has unique pressure-reducing properties, allowing the muscles to relax optimally.
This exclusive mattress is equipped with a top layer of 7 centimeters profiled, pressure reducing and heat-regulating memory foam density 50, with a core / carrier of cold foam HR 45.

CoolTouch cover
NASA Cooltouch mattresses have a luxurious CoolTouch cover. This provides extra comfort and a well ventilating mattress. The CoolTouch cover ensures that the sweat / perspiration moisture is quickly and efficiently removed from the mattress. This also ensures that the mattress is cool in the summer. The CoolTouch cover also has the properties as anti-allergy and anti-house mite.

Benefits of Nasa memory foam mattress:

    Suitable for all sleepers due to temperature-sensitive foam
    slight preference for hardly perspiring sleepers
    suitable for people with joint and muscle complaints
    thermo-regulating and pressure reducing (Nasa) foam
    density 50
    weight class up to 145 kg.
    cover removable on both sides
    total height 21 centimeters

Special sizes also available within 5 working days Call Nu 020 - 358 45 01 for a quotation
removable and washable
21 cm
Anti allergy
Yes Many people suffer from a dust mite allergy. For these people all our products are allergy free. bedding made of. our product is soft, supple and strong and not chemically processed. So you sleep well with an allergy to dust mites.

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Mattress NASA Deluxe Clinic

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