• Mattress Pocketvering Comfort 3000
    Mattress Pocketvering Comfort 3000 Mattress Pocketvering Comfort 3000
7 zone Pocket mattress

Beautiful mattress 20 cm thick with detachable washable anti-allergy cover.
300 pockets / m2 divided over 7 comfort zones
2-sided covered with 4 cm high-quality HR Cold Foam
100% cotton detachable and washable double cloth ticking
Mattress thickness: 20 cm
Hardness: Medium

With pocket spring mattresses the core consists of many metal springs. each feather being packaged individually in a bag of cotton or non-woven material. Often the core is divided into comfort zones. The zones differ in hardness by using different wire thicknesses.

7 zone with reinforced middle zone and comfortable shoulder zone, chest zone, hip zone, upper leg zone, lower leg zone and 9 comfort zones incorporated in the mattress, gives extra support for the back, neck and neck.
These comfort zones are built symmetrically. This allows the mattress to be rotated regularly and increases the durability of the pocket spring mattress.

With a pocket spring mattress spring and spring each spring functions separately. This results in a high degree of conformity: the adaptability of the springs to the contours of the body is high. Because the springs are often thermally hardened, the springs retain their resilience. HR foam is also suitable for people who sweat a lot. A pocket spring mattress not only offers good support, but also ventilates better than other mattress types. HR foam has a naturally irregular, open cell structure, which means that the material breathes very well and drains moisture well. Pit formation does not occur in cold foam. The material is very resilient and offers high comfort coupled with a long service life.
The top layer of cold foam has a rough open structure, which makes the top layer ventilate very well. Cold foam is completely synthetic, making the material less sensitive to moisture, salts, acids and pressure. Cold foam is therefore very hygienic.
Guarantee Warranty 1 year inside mattress
100% cotton
20 cm
Material filling
Cold foam
Anti allergy
Yes Many people suffer from a dust mite allergy. For these people all our products are allergy free. bedding made of. our product is soft, supple and strong and not chemically processed. So you sleep well with an allergy to dust mites.

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Mattress Pocketvering Comfort 3000

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