• Pocket spring NASA 500
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The Pocketvering NASA 500 mattress offers the best of both worlds.
The Pocketvering NASA 500 is a pocket spring mattress with a cover of 3 cm NASA memory foam on both sides.
Because the springs of a pocket spring mattress can be pressed separately from each other, a pocket spring mattress easily conforms to the contours of your body.
Moreover, thanks to the springs, a pocket spring mattress has a good open structure, allowing the air to flow freely through the pocket spring mattress.
This ensures good air ventilation, moisture regulation and keeps your pocket spring mattress fresh and hygienic.

Pocket spring NASA 500 features:

The Pocketvering NASA 500 Mattress is divided into 7 comfort zones.
Thanks to the different comfort zones of a pocket spring mattress, you feel the support where you need it.
The unique feature of the Pocketvering NASA 500 Mattress is the finish with memory foam.
The memory foam is often the solution for osteoarthritis, muscle pain, painful joints and back complaints.
And precisely because of the combination of the memory foam, the core with pocket springs and the 7 comfort zones, a very stable and well-supporting mattress is created.

• 7 Comfort zones
• Top layer of 3 cm NASA memory foam
• Reversible
• Washable ticking fabric in pure cotton with 4-sided zipper
• Completely dust-free and anti-allergic
• Suitable for heavily adjustable bottoms
• 2 sides rotatable and sleepable
• Medical responsible
• 500 Pocket springs per m²
Guarantee Warranty 2 year inside mattress
100% cotton
22 cm
Anti allergy
Yes Many people suffer from a dust mite allergy. For these people all our products are allergy free. bedding made of. our product is soft, supple and strong and not chemically processed. So you sleep well with an allergy to dust mites.

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Pocket spring NASA 500

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